Partners And People We Work With

Partners And People We Work With


The Smiles Foundation is a Christian Charity working in Romania with disadvantaged Children, Families, Minority groups, the Homeless, Disabled, Abused and the Elderly.

The Smiles Foundation seeks to relieve poverty, promote education and provide hope and opportunity for many of the most vulnerable in society through a variety of projects which include Evangelistic Outreach, Food Distribution, Medical and Social support, Education, Care for the young, elderly, families and disabled, as well as Housing for the homeless.

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As an Industry Training Board and Sector Skills Council CITB encourage the adequate training of those employed or intending to be employed in the construction industry and to improve the skills and productivity of the industry in Northern Ireland. CITB provide advice, courses and grants for training to help construction companies improve their skills to increase their competitive edge.


Love For Life

Love For Life are a team of people working towards the vision of communities in which young people have a healthy respect for themselves, relationships and sex.
They deliver engaging school and youth programmes to over 30,000 young people across Ireland each year, as well as actively contributing to regional health and education.


SOLAS Moyle helps people to improve their mental, emotional and physical health.



Making a difference to, and within, the community sector. Coleraine Urban & Rural Network is committed to empowering people, which will enable change and develop the communities in which we live.


Community Police

Young people are our future and it is important that they are actively involved in all aspects of community life.  Through targeted strategies and educational programmes the Police Service aims to increase young people’s understanding of how their behaviour can have a positive impact on the quality of community life.