Pastoral Care Policy


While all staff have a responsibility for the care, welfare, safety and learning environment of all Learners the Assistant Manager is the designated Pastoral Care Officer and the Manager is the deputy designated Pastoral Care Officer.



Through this Pastoral Care Policy we aim:


  1. To create and maintain and atmosphere where Learners feel they are well known, safe, valued, respected and happy.


  1. To maintain the highest standards of teaching and learning


  1. To respond in a sympathetic way to the concerns, fears and worries of our Learners.


  1. To build an atmosphere of trust.




  1. All Learners will be informed at induction that the Assistant Manager is responsible for their Pastoral Care throughout their time with BCW Training Ltd.


  1. All Learners will be issued with Health & Safety, Equal Opportunities, Disciplinary, Grievance, Pastoral Care and Harassment Policies during induction and these will be explained to them in detail.


  1. Good relationships are essential in providing a positive climate for Learners to develop.

Good relationships will be nurtured between:

Staff and Learners

Learners and their peers

Members of staff

Management and staff

Organisation and employers and the local community


Learners will be encouraged to develop and value a respect for themselves.


  1. Learners will be informed that if they have a complaint of any kind regarding their training or placement or have any other issues of concern that they can speak confidentially to the Assistant Manager with a view to resolving the situation.


  1. Confirmation of Learners understanding of aforementioned procedures will be sought during follow-up induction.


  1. Learners will also have the opportunity to voice any concerns they may during Focus Groups Sessions, Learner surveys which will be facilitated by the Quality Manager.


  1. The Manager will ensure that all staff are familiar with BCW Training Ltd’s Code of Practice/Young Persons and Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy and strictly adhere to it.


  1. BCW Training Ltd undertakes to inform all parents/carers/employers/stakeholders as appropriate about our Pastoral Care/Child Protection Procedures at least once every 2 years.