Careers Guidance Policy


It is the responsibility of all vocational tutors and the Jobsearch Co-ordinator to provide ongoing careers guidance to Learners.




  1. Upon joining the Training for Success programme all Learners will have an initial Careers Guidance Interview with the Jobsearch co-ordinator to identify chosen career paths and ensure these relate to their chosen NVQ/Vocational Qualification.


  1. Vocational tutors will outline to Learners specifics involved in their chosen career and what will be required of them in their job role.


  1. All Learners will undertake a timetabled Careers Guidance class training each week to provide them with skills in analysing vacancies, writing letters of application, cv preparation, interview techniques etc.


  1. The Jobsearch co-ordinator will ensure that all Learners complete the in-house developed Careers Guidance pack throughout their time on the programme.


  1. The Jobsearch co-ordinator will hold a final Careers Guidance interview with all Learners one month prior to them leaving the programme. If it is identified at this interview that the candidate is not progressing and does not have a definite employment opportunity the Jobsearch Co-ordinator will arranged for them to attend Intensive Jobsearch Training session to assist them secure permanent employment.


  1. A letter will be issued to all Learners by the Careers Service of Northern Ireland outlining the role of the Careers Advisor. The Learner will be informed at induction that BCW Training Ltd will refer them to the Careers Advisor office if they so wish.